About louloudi



At louloúdi, we believe in slow manufacturing. Not on the assembly line, but handmade. Not thousands of miles from here, but in our own studio located in the Netherlands. We take pride in our craft and talents and love to share this with you and your mini.
 Louloúdi believes in ‘less is more’ and sustainable quality. We have to buy less and buy smarter and increase longevity. That is what sustainability is truly about.
All of our unique designs are part of a limited run and made of
pure and natural high quality organic materials. Our products are designed to be timeless with the intention to be passed down for generations - our so-called 'room-to-grow-principle'. And in the end the nutrients of the fabric will be gratefully returned to the earth where it can be absorbed and used again for the new growth of materials (circle of life).
We are passionate about what we do and add a lot of love in our work.
We believe the children are the most beautiful beings, they don’t need all the finery, but simple designs with sophisticated details, like little blankets of love that surrounds them, with room to move & grow.
We have a long personal history in the apparel industry and knowledge from the School of Fashion as well as DETEX textile goods knowledge to design clothes, bedding and accessories. With our vision and products, we’ve proudly received the Fair Shopping (“Eerlijk Winkelen”) and Fair-Trade labels.

the most beautiful things in life

are made by hand