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Pattern leather baby moccasins

Pattern leather baby moccasins

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Pattern leather baby moccasins: make baby mocs for your own baby or as a gift to your friends. Description in Dutch only at this moment.

Clear and step by step instruction; includes pdf pattern to make your own unique leather moccasins. Using multiple (16) pictures, each step of the process is clearly depicted, so that everyone can make their own mini mocs.

Instead of working with leather, you can also choose to use other materials. You can yarn leather using your regular sewing machine; it's best to use a special leather needle, which is better suited for the job. Also, a teflon needle foot will help transport the leather better than a regular foot.

All tips and tricks are also mentioned in the description.

Leather can be bought on markets, online and in specialty shops. You need about 20x40 cm or 30x30cm for one pair of moccasins.

The following sizes are all in given in this single pattern:

Age               Inside foot size
0-3 mo.          10.5 cm
3-6 mo.          11.5 cm
6-12 mo.        13    cm
12-18 mo.      14    cm
18-24 mo.      15.5  cm
2-3 years        17    cm

When you place your order, the pattern will be immediately available for download and e-mailed to you. If you have any problem during the making, you can always contact our customer service by e-mail.

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