The child is the most beautiful, he does not need busy prints and decorations, but simple designs made with love from pure natural materials that act as a soft frame, so that the attention is first drawn to the beautiful face and then to the rich appearance of the design with the beautiful subtle details. Clothing that gives you energy, that you will love and want to last as long as possible.

That is why we have applied special high-skilled techniques to our unique patterns, so that the clothing lasts at least twice as long, without creating a mega oversized look.


Exclusive use of natural materials, for comfort but also because they retain their quality for much longer, even after the clothing is passed on to a 2nd or 3rd generation. Only when it has fulfilled its mission in life can you return it to the earth so that all the nutrients can be reabsorbed and new crops can grow. The circle of life!

Grateful for what the earth gives us and respectful in its use.