The origins of louloúdi

In 2003 I launched my first clothing label: Hip & Zo, a brand that was sold in 4 different countries within a year and was produced in 3 different countries. We delivered our collection to dozens of stores in the Netherlands.

Due to the expansion of my family, I did not continue with the step of investing in the label and started to focus on the family.

A few years later I felt that it was the right time to start up again, the start of the Louloúdi brand became a fact.

The designer

Caroline van Lingen : 'Clothes, design and manufacturing are like a common thread through my life. I dare to honestly say that I live my acquired talent and that I want to express my love for my fellow man and especially for children in everything I have to offer. To give everyone the feeling that they can BE there.'

I could knit and crochet when I was 4 years old. At the age of 7 I got my first sewing machine and from the age of 10 I made my first garment for myself.

It was a logical step to go to fashion school after secondary education. When I was 12, it turned out that my spatial insight was one of my greatest talents and I applied this in developing patterns.

Due to the evolving insight, experience and knowledge gained, the louloúdi label has opted for sustainable local production in our own studio.

What we stand for

Louloúdi believes in 'less is more' and sustainable quality. We need to buy less and smarter and extend the lifespan. That's what sustainability is really about.

Our unique designs are part of a limited edition and are made from pure and natural high-quality organic materials. Our products are designed to be timeless, with the intention of being passed down through generations - our so-called 'room-to-grow principle'.

Quality and exclusivity

At louloúdi we believe in slow production. Not on the assembly line, but handmade. Not thousands of kilometers away, but in our own studio in the Netherlands. We are proud of our profession and our talents and are happy to share this with you and your mini.

All louloúdi products are made by hand in our studio. We develop the patterns entirely ourselves and purchase the fabrics ourselves. Curious about how the entire production process works? Feel free to drop by the studio, if you like! We are proud of what we do and we like to show it.