All products are made by hand.

The products shipped from Louloudi are handmade in our own studio. This allows us to maintain the quality and exclusivity of our products. We have all the machines for this production in-house. Feel free to come into the studio and see how it works!

  • Industrial Embroidery Machine

    With our professional brother embroidery machine we can transfer standard texts or names.

    Personalizing takes about 10 minutes and you can wait for it on site.

    Please feel free to contact me to discuss your wishes.

  • Industrial Lock Machine

    With this overlock machine, which can handle 20,000 stitches per minute, we can finish all clothing neatly. Much better than at the large clothing companies, where the stitch length is often set to maximum size in order to work faster, at the expense of quality and appearance.

  • Industrial straight stitching machine

    Our Global industrial machine is the workhorse of the studio with a capacity of 20,000 stitches per minute. The advantage of an industrial machine is that it stitches much more cleanly compared to a household machine, because it is less powerful.

Applied techniques

The techniques used are a combination of tailoring skills & tailoring method.

Many items are also made exclusively by hand, such as leather shoes, pacifier cords and insoles. No machines have yet been invented for such a craft as crocheting, so all crocheted items are made by hand, stitch by stitch. All our patterns are drawn or written entirely by hand, after which they are graded, manufactured and fitted.

In addition to the fashion trade school, a DETEX textile knowledge training course has also been completed, which provides a lot of knowledge of the quality, properties and washing advice of fabrics and other materials. Naturally, each specific material requires its own approach, such as needle type, needle thickness, sewing technique and fabric transport.

Personalize your purchase

In the studio we can personalize your clothing with a name, a nice text, or even figures (upon request). Our 'family sweater' is frequently used to announce the arrival of a baby: how nice is it, for example, if you already have a son and you know that a baby is on the way, to have him wear a sweater with 'big brother' '? You can also order a sweater or shirt for the newborn with a brother or sister to match the children.

In addition to the family sweater, many of our items can be personalised, we would like to invite you to scroll through our collections to see what the possibilities are.

In addition to the family sweater, many of our items can be personalized, just scroll through our collections.

Family sweater

Self-designed patterns

At louloúdi we believe in sharing knowledge and skills. We therefore spend a lot of time digitizing our designs to make them available to you! We strive to describe these crochet patterns and knitting patterns as simply as possible so that they can be put together for both experienced and less experienced hobbyists. With a little practice and attention you can also make our nicest designs yourself.


Customization? I'd love to think along!

I would be happy to think along with you about custom production or adjustments. Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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